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Russell's march  Katlin Aas @ EMA (Estonia), Marilyn (New York, Paris), Women (Milan)

Take it as a bonus track from our preview on Lexposure, taken from Numéro 106. Katlin Aas by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello, in a garden. Katlin's career so far looks like a bed of roses or a pleasure cruise and all she got was golden opportunities. Sounds idyllic ? Looks idyllic too. From her early days at her mother agency EMA Models in Estonia, with her lighter hair to Christopher Kane, Prada and Miu Miu, it seems she took a direct line to the highest level, including the highly coveted campaign that goes with it. Take her pale skin and dark hair, perfect contrast to match her beauty type and the success grows on again.

Besides Katlin's own story, there is a little more to learn from her rise. She belongs to the latest crop of Prada girls and embodies better than anyone else the latest aesthetic trend, the latest vision of Russell Marsh. Including other girls like Giedre Dukauskaite or Bara Holotova, this new generation (with its new energy) manages to look both casual and uncanny as if the girl-next-door was meant to be exceptional. Making totally unusual what you expect to be so usual. That's perhaps the strength of these looks, provided they're backed by some serious editorial skills.

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  • thanks for posting such a great editorial! love it, love katlin

    Posté par simone, 18-08-09 à 02:28 PM

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