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Inspiration counts

Laurel Stovall @ New York Models (NY)

Laurel certainly belongs to the most inspiring models of her generation. Inspiration might be the exact word to describe all these little things that make her truly special. A muse in making, an inspiration for photographers and any kind of creative who has a chance to work with her. Kristiina Wilson seems to be among them and the results of their latest session together is pure wonder. Shadows and lights, quiet yet slightly playful, this short story relies on Kristiina's passion for her work as a photographer and the supplement of soul brought by Laurel. Interesting and, once again, inspiring combinations. Laurel could rely only on her 5'11 (180) height and delicate silhouette but she's definitely more captivating than a few (good) numbers. Every single piece of her roster from New York Models can tell it.

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    i was just telling a friend about her!
    she's so beautifulllllllll

    Posté par ari, 23-08-09 à 05:52 PM
  • Laurel <3 She's amazing! I'm so happy for her that she achieved all these things - not to mention these pics are absolutely beautiful!

    Posté par Yana, 23-08-09 à 06:04 PM
  • I think it's because there is just SO much more to her than her appearance that makes her so so sooo special

    Posté par Lissy, 24-08-09 à 06:40 AM

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