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Odile Coco on a Fashion Mission


Odile_001 Odile_005 
Odile_004 Odile_007 
Odile Coco @ SPS (The Netherlands)

We just did an extended feature on the maestro yesterday and some new pictures by Gilbert François are already out. Odile goes now by Odile Coco, inspiring name for a girl who never stops getting better and better. Makes her name as precious as her look and attitude, makes the whole package more intriguing and mysterious. The greatest surprises in her book these days aren't only Gilbert's fantastic four (last rows above) but the combination of brilliant new tests and a freshly released editorial from Dutch Cosmo Girl (if only we had the same in France) by another master, Jolijn Snijders. Anything missing in the pretty portrait ? It shouldn't but actually yes, Odile Coco also has a campaign for Bershka (always using the very best newbies). So, keep your eyes wide open and fasten your seatbelts!

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