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Meet Jolanta !
Jolanta Hlinova
@ 2B Models (Latvia)

Emergency this morning, between the first and second cup of coffee. 2B Models' latest latvian find has such a unique look that makes you postpone any breakfast plan. That's what we did as once we started checking out her freshly-taken snaps we couldn't take our eyes off them. There is a very singular vibe about them and, of course, about Jolanta. A mix of sweetness and strength in the most perfect proportions: a teaspoon of cuteness, a lot of freshness, a wild hairdo which seems under control nonetheless and a slightly moody (and highly unforgettable!) gaze to her scout's camera. It already sounds like fairy tale like that, and you might be delighted then to read she's also 5'10 (178 80-60-88) at 14-years-old. Breathtaking.

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