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Mirte_Maas_by_Maxim_Repin__1_ Mirte_Maas_by_Maxim_Repin__2_
Mirte_Maas_by_Maxim_Repin__3_ Mirte_Maas_by_Maxim_Repin__4_
Mirte_Maas_by_Maxim_Repin__5_ Mirte_Maas_by_Maxim_Repin__6_
Mirte_Maas_by_Rony_Shram Mirte_Maas_by_Christine_Gatchalian
Mirte Maas @ Women (NY)

The girl who holds her head in a very singular way, with that expression telling you straight ahead "I dare you to look better than I do". Or maybe that's just an impression and the power of pictures making its effect. Truth is that Mirte is one of the most incredibly lovely model in town (NY this time, London last time) who drives everybody crazy from clients to creative. It took her a couple of days only to build a tremedous book with the help of some of our favorite photographers: Maxim Repin (first two and penultimate rows, the latter could be among his most exclusive pieces so far and he was utterly impressed by Mirte), Rony Shram in sleek black and white and Christine Gatchalian who pictured her in motion. It took us just one look and we understood. It took us a little longer to pick some pics as we didn't want to throw the whole roster in five minutes.

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