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Right in Time


Romana Umrianova @ Elite (Prague), Supreme (NY)

Our passion for new faces grew up with Supreme's polaroid-makeovers a few years ago when a girl we were watching for a couple of months suddenly appeared as the newest member of the coveted board in NY with the kind of stylish materials that became its trademark. Since these days, the good-old shock from Supreme's website has been replaced by some hot news popping up by half-surprise on The Imagist but the thrill remains the same - rocking, shocking and locking your eyes to the screen. After crowning Ursula Kim as the epitome of a Supreme girl a few weeks ago (or just a few days but time is running so wild), we saw Romana becoming the latest one to win the title.

Romana. Love at first sight since we saw a couple of tearsheets from Tokyo and brilliant digitals from her mother agency, Elite Prague a few months ago. Was too early to throw some pictures online that day, too early and she was too precious with some powerful plans about to come true. We always love these clear strategies from mother agencies, signing the girl at the right place then keeping her silent till the right moment. Yesterday night we felt we were close to this right moment and there was no place for doubts anymore when came the morning lights. Romana is ready and we just have to stay tuned.

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