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The Night the Flame held the Candle

Stasya Izyumova @ Supreme (NY)

Third Supreme girl in two days and we're are already in the middle of the weekend. Guess we can all feel the frenzy and Stasya's new polas were definitely worth to jump out of the bus and rush back to the office. Even at 9pm. Major arrival throwing away the tired mood of the evening, twilight stories can go on. Stasya was an immediate favorite and is set to become quickly a perennial favorite too, based on her abilities in front of the camera, uncanny flame-red hair and this aura we couldn't even describe. Love started with her first polas from, first tests from her Russian mother agency (the one and only Avant Models in Moscow) and nothing could stop it now. Making her official debuts as an exclusive at Givenchy Couture last July in Paris where we had a chance to take a few snaps, black hair and dark mood, she's now in New York and back to her initial red hair. Watch for her second debuts these days, relying on that now-notorious leopard-printed Supreme outfit to make her lucky again.

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  • Those Paul Rowland shots are so breathtaking. I'm ready to see what more this girl can do.

    Posté par AX80, 05-09-09 à 09:55 PM
  • Holy shit !! So incredible !! Those Paul Rowland shots are insane !! Love it

    Posté par Jonathan W, 05-09-09 à 10:40 PM

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