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Meet Mary !
Mary Sher
@ Avant (Russia)

We know we should relax today but we thought there was no better moment to introduce Mary Sher, newest girl at Avant Models, than right after a long story about Viktoriya. And, after all, Monday is coming in less than eight hours. Stopping here with unnecessary explanation and go straight to the point. Mary looked incredibly promising at first sight (just one picture we've been able to see two weeks ago) and once promises became real, we knew she was one we should rely on. Eyes and pout as the key of that powerful expressions on pictures, between impish and ethereal. The same formula is already working well for a few famous models of the moment but it remains a true shock each time our eyes spot such a (otherworldly) beauty. Let's feel the thrill.

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  • mary

    what amazingly intense eyes!! i hope she goes far

    Posté par kels, 06-09-09 à 08:44 PM
  • She has a lovely chin and intensive eyes. I love the first picture

    Posté par Samira, 06-09-09 à 11:27 PM
  • oh my god , that stare!


    Posté par danno, 07-09-09 à 07:49 AM

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