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Meet Rachel !

Rachel___echo2 Rachel___Echo
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Rachel @ Echo Models (USA)

We were just talking about boutique agencies and it's good to have an immediate example to post on our page. Rachel was found by Echo Models (check out the blog as well - elegant and efficient), an American agency born in May 2009 and already representing a couple of striking young ladies ready to make their marks. Rachel caught our eyes first for her unique look and leggy silhouette (5'11 - 180, no less). Coming from a small American town and very mature for a 16-years-old girl, she can also rely on a innate talent to look natural in front of the camera but we keep thinking her face remains her best asset. Slightly strong yes, quite romantic as her mother agent says. Something in the eyes, in this deep and intense gaze spelling both sweetness (beautiful contrast with the strength of her features) and melancholy. Just scouted and as fresh as she can be, working out that bangs with brio, our true romantic (remember what romantic really stands for) is one to keep in mind for now and the future.

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