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Odile Coco @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Bershka campaigns always offer quite an inventive playground for new faces and this seasons makes no execption to the creative rule. Odile Coco is enjoying funny and upside-down poses on that old leather sofa to promote the label's newest outfits in her own light-hearted yet slightly dramatic mood, bringing a personal touch to the atmosphere. Little by little, she earned her place as one of these girls we never get tired of featuring, doing each piece with the same pleasure of sitting on first row to observe a rising career made of interesting work. Maybe what we love most with Odile Coco is how natural she looks whatever she has to do, neither overplaying the various characters she had to embody nor looking underwhelming in any of these roles. Totally geniune from A to Z, from head to toe. Her future is getting written these days and we keep our fingers crossed to have an opportunity to write the next chapter soon.

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