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Rebecca Chandler @ Models1 (London)

Last month we enjoyed Martina Correa's masterpieces and this month Elle UK strikes back with a couple of highlights again. Peter Doherty's illustrations and writings spread all over the issue, a vibrant editorial with Emma McLaren, the fullfilling sensation of having a thick magazine in hands and Rebecca Chandler's best story to date were enough to put it on our shopping-list again. Shot by Karen Collins, the latter offers us a very sensitive and appropriate vision of a Rebecca on the rise, a girl to remember right now for her New York showcard (with Elite) and the way she has improved her modeling skills, creating a geniune character.

Our first memories of Rebecca bring us back to July 2008 in Paris (with Major) where we had a chance to meet her on a Thursday evening. A delicate young woman, smart and friendly yet still a little shy. Time, polaroids then editorials turned her into the brilliant multi-tasked model with that haunting presence and intense eyes - see above. She learnt how to use her power and how to do it in a very subtle manner, playing with the codes of darkness and sensuality without losing herself in the drama. The magazine's title and main theme, London Calling, makes more and more sense as time goes by. Calling for the shows to come soon and via Rebecca's international destiny (started since Givenchy FW 09-10).

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