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She Doesn't Wink But It's What You Think

Alek_alexeyeva_lexposure_id1 Alek_alexeyeva_lexposure_id2
Alek_alexeyeva_lexposure_id3 Alek_alexeyeva_lexposure_id4
Alek Alexeyeva @ Select Models (London), Women (Milan), Nathalie (Paris)


Pretty young things as the title of the new issue of i-D says, while latest UK Elle talks about London calling. We’d say that London is calling right now and many pretty young things are already answering the call. Fresh faces ready for the frenzy, the highly coveted and their challengers will be walking side by side in a little more than one week. If all the attention goes to New York today, tomorrow is never too far away and everyone who has serious expectations for this season has to keep London in mind. Now. Tomorrow is always too late.

One of the serious contenders who also knows how to be one of the most coveted in town is our former Lexposed Face, the always incredible Alek Alexeyeva. She’s been featured here as often as she had an editorial, including a story by Solve Sundsbo. She’s back with September in no less than i-D, so natural and even supernatural in front of Pierre Bailly’s camera, styled by Cathy Kasterine and sharing the spotlights with another rising beauty from Select Models, Heleen Scholten. The title of the editorial says it all: dangerous. So, better beware.

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