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Meet Katie !

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Katie @ Liz Bell (Canada)

After Tara's Couture coup at Chanel in July and the making of Megan by Gilad Sasporta, another highly promising girl from Liz Bell Agency gets her spot here. Katie, 15-years-old and no less than 5'10 (178), already capturing some serious international attention from good eyes here and there. What makes her stand out from the crowd ? Delicate and pristine features for sure. But also count on her slightly bedhead-on-purpose, gorgeous auburn hair, olive-green eyes and some innate poise from polas to tests. The last four were shot by Evaan Kheraj and we must say we're impressed by the simple styling that works so well for her - barefoot and laid-back, true to her look and attitude in front of the camera. Like she just went out of a modern pop song.

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