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Overcoming Procrastination

Valerie Van Der Graaf  @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Time went by and she looks as fresh as on day one. Was a few seasons ago, Place Vendome in Paris, Valerie was just in for one show. Since that beautiful moment on a cold afternoon, the blonde with brows from SPS Model Management in Amsterdam has learnt how to use her huge potential at its max and even beyond its limits. Her initial shyness turned into poise with time and cuteness became sophistication. Only freshness remains. There might be no better proof of that gorgeous transformation than a couple of pictures by Jonathan Waiter, well-known now for his way to capture the wild side of his models. On another front, Valerie is now rocking Milan (with Women, worldwide from now on) and word is that her book is growing thicker, light speed. Next time she'll cross the ocean but we won't wait till October to drop another few lines on Valerie.

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  • you can go wrong with her.
    the tests are AMAZING!

    Posté par RYDER, 09-09-09 à 02:08 PM

    Posté par AX80, 09-09-09 à 10:42 PM

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