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Uplift and Outshine

Laila Kalichevski @ Union (London)

Love the "see you in the elevator" thing about the digitals. Love the mood, the vibe, the face and the way everything is packed with power in the most simple way. Press a button and it looks even easier done than said. Might be the magic of Laila Kalichevski, the way she smashes the evidences in thousand pieces, leaving only the obvious truth how it is: potential, raw and refined on the same picture. New York shows, tomorrow. London, next week. But London's calling already, no doubt on that. Preview and promises. Laila's in, with Union Models. Oh, another detail you can't see from the digis - her walk is amazing.

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    "black and white"

    I love black and white.

    Posté par steinway, 10-09-09 à 03:45 AM

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