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Love is Illegal


Hanna2a Hanna2b
Alek Alexeyeva @ Select (London), Modelwerk (Hamburg), Nathalie (Paris), Women (Milan)

The title of the story is Rote Liebe, Red Love in German. It puts you in the mood, immediately and the sleek, sophisticated aesthetic leaves no room for mistake about its theme. Inspired by Fassbinder's muse Hanna Schygulla, shot by Felix Lammers using the unique beauty-skills of make-up artist Yasmin Heinz, Rote Liebe is one of the features you will find in newest issue of TUSH. But no matter which of the multiple covers you choose, you might not find the pictures with that gorgeous red dress inside. Good idea to have a story about red love without using the color itself but the atmosphere the two shots bring to it was too deep not to be featured here. Adding a twist to what appears like a silent and softened drama, the red touch also seems to strengthen the contrast between a nostalgic mood and an almost futuristic approach of past times. We've never thought of it but the idea was brilliant - the parallel between the 70's Hanna Schygulla and today's Alek Alexeyeva is stunning or, at least, her way to embody the character is impressive, strong enough to let you doubt of the point of view. Flashback or projection ? Insight from the inside or stolen vision through the keyhole ? We'll never get the answer but we've already got the feeling.

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