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Cool as Ice: Hawa and Fatima


Hawa and Fatima @ Ice (Milan)

We introduced Hawa yesterday and had the feeling you would like to see more of her. So, here is more and a little more than more. We first noticed Fatima a few months ago when she joined Ice Models in Milan. Now in town with extra-fresh polaroids, we thought the opportunity to feature her was perfect and the combo with Hawa looks beyond awesome, each bringing her very own touch to the polas they shot together. Hawa (5'10) and Fatima (5'9"5) aren't only among the newest at the agency, they're also such a dream team for whoever is searching for unique beauties with much presence and poise in front of the camera. The awesome duet takes benefit from Ice's visuals (polaroid's appeal never fades away) and offers us a warmly welcome opportunity to chill out and cheer up for the four next weeks.

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  • gooooood, i've been in love with fatima ever since i saw her on ANTM

    Posté par ari, 11-09-09 à 10:44 PM
  • Fatima is flawless and I highly recommend her! I have shot both girls actually -- Fatima is so amazing. Super professional and no bad angles whatsoever. Can't say enough good things about her. Hope she takes off over in Milan!


    Posté par Kristiina, 12-09-09 à 07:35 PM
  • thanks, great to know she's that good xx

    Posté par maud, 16-09-09 à 11:52 AM

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