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TMSRRE part 5: Mirte
Mirte Maas @ Women (NY)

Women NY boosted her book and she was ready for the victory. Ready to walk, run and even fly if we have a look at her Spring 2010 bookings so far. A quick one is enough to get it: she books selective shows only but the number is raising every day with new names on her flawless showlist. Yesterday you could add Marc Jacobs on it and few hours earlier she opened Donna Karan. And two days before she opened another highly watched runway, Alexander Wang. Enough power here to drop a few lines even if we often pick our TMSRRE-girls a little further out of the beaten tracks. But how not to write on a girl we just featured before the shows began ? How not to talk about Mirte again ? Totally impossible. And to highlight the fierce force that makes her appeal turn to stardom, another of her stylish shots by Maxim Repin while everything she's got and shot in London could turn into reality soon.

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