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TMSRRE part 8: Keke



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Keke @ Wilhelmina (NY)

She made her marks first with her incredible showcard. Simple concept that went straight to the point: a fab face and a sporty, leggy, slender silhouette. The editorial kind with the runway legs and the magic could start. And actually started at Rag & Bone while the brand was having its best casting in seasons. Sleek and special then highly surprising. Since that moment, we wrote down Keke's name on our potential TMSRRE-girls list. To be completely honest, her face is too unforgettable and her name too unique, it requests zero effort to keep her in mind. Her face in our eyes, her name in our ears and we kept following each step she did on the runway this week. Including recent appearances at Vera Wang - stunning - and Philosophy - so stunning, champagne! Was impossible after these three shows and this special story not to include her in this season's reports. Just got the craziest digis ever but what do they show behind the fancy ? Tons of energy. Perfect silhouette (5'10 32-23-33). Flawless skin. And loads of potential. With all these weapon under your belt, you can pull out your tongue anytime. Wilhelmina's best asset makes wilcards look so cool, spring 2010 looks so pop and revolution has begun.

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