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Hanna Rundlof @ Modellink (Sweden), Marilyn (NY, Paris), Why Not (Milan)

Quite unusual features that can also give her quite a classic appeal somehow. The mystery of Hanna might be in both her unique profile and the way she poses, this delicate presence in front of the camera that goes from quiet to playful in a simple wink. Last season saw her take off with several precious bookings from runways to prints. After our trip in Paris last March, we understood how her uncanny appeal comes from her atittude mixed to her look and how it works like magic as a combination. She's laid-back, vivid, got that lovely smile and charming personality. It's contrasting with her look at first sight but goes perfectly hand in hand with it. We were smitten by the character as a whole and the way details work together. Sounds like the same story with her newest editorial from Wonderland magazine, shot by Marcus Ohlsson and styled by Lauren Blane. Marvelous black and white, minimalist mood fitting for Hanna's beauty type and a couple of funny faces or playful expressions of hers to spice it up. Grand.

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  • Hanna must be one of the most interesting faces out there right now .... Absolutely intriguing in these shots.

    Posté par Yana, 18-09-09 à 09:58 PM

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