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Tomorrow, when all things are shaping

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Maaike Klaasen @ SPS (The Netherlands)

We made a little medley last time with Maaike's shots by Jolijn Snijders and eight days before focused on Maaike's might highlighted by Jonathan Waiter. And the story goes with a taste of Milan (with Women), a taste of future for the lovely young lady. Her book is getting both bigger in size and sharper in quality, adding some new series after her work with the two Dutch wunderkinds. Emotional expressions and kinetic poses has become a trademark of hers with each new piece and it's most likely not about to stop. Relying on a 5'11 (180) height all in legs, she's got the total package from head to toe if we're allowed to say so. We'll see soon and keep watching how things are shaping for Maaike.

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