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Next One, Please

Olga Rozhok @ Art Podium (Ukraine)

So sweet, so delicate, so graceful and quite photogenic. We always enjoy fresh polas of a girl about to make her first steps, her first marks and watch the process of making her a serious contender for future seasons. Olga Rozhok is 18-years-old and was found by Art-Podium, the agency in Odessa that already discovered some jewels and you may know who we're talking about (just the two would be enough to get the point). With that sensational 5'11 (180) silhouette and precious poses (last picture is definitely a must-see), she couldn't stay away from good eyes and is about to start within one of the big three networks worldwide. Just a hint and not to jinx anything, so better watch her and watch out.

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  • I adore her right now!

    Posté par luis, 19-09-09 à 05:41 PM
  • What a wonderful jaw! There seems to be something so delicate about her.

    Posté par AX80, 21-09-09 à 05:28 AM

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