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Little Bibs who's Breaking our Hearts

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Bianca Rodrigues @ Cherry Models (Brazil)

Known simply as Bibs at her mother agency, Cherry Models in Brazil, Bianca Rodrigues has everything of a hearbreaking kid, one of these young models that stand out for their look but not only. Cound her attitude (in front of the camera and in "real life") as another asset of the 19-years-old girl who can also claim a 5'9 height. Discovered at a place which could turn into the new place to scout, where raw diamonds and precious jewels are found. Go, explore, find and develop till refinement hits its max. Improving step by step and blossoming right now, increasing the power of her potential, Bibs went from shy to shiny. And, as her agency told us clearly, "honoring where she comes from, Bibs literally rocks". Some pride they should certainly not hide.

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