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TMSRRE part 13: Marike 
Marike @ Wilhelmina (NY)

"You are what you wear it's true". According to this, Marike is a true treasure, after a hectic week in NY. Even if we would just remember Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs among the several other high level shows walked, it's a real event and calls for celebration. Or at least to drop a few lines like we're doing right now. Marike or the secret cooking at Wilhelmina leading to a sensational creature able to catch any coveted catwalk. Count the silhouette (oh la la, legs - even hidden under Marc's extra-large trousers), the face (oh la la, bone structure) and incredible presence on the runway. Or just watch the three polas above, words might be not enough. And we dare you to take your eyes off the screen.

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  • Marike is stunning, she has this eye-catching look...

    Posté par Samira, 23-09-09 à 08:45 PM

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