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TMSRRE part 14: Magdalena 
  Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland), Storm (London), d'management (Milan), Ford (NY), Elite (Paris)

After meeting her on a sunny day in Berlin last July and watching how things are going for her young career, we're glad to add her to our TMSRRE series this season. London was her highlight and she knew how to combine very different shows on the same booking-list. Take Veryta and Kinder Aggugini for example, difficult to find two shows that are as different as they are in their styling, clothing and overall mood. Same goes again with Basso and Brooke compared to Roksanda Ilincic (which was definitely the moment of her week in London). One time colors love her, the next time she brings shapes to life as she also does in her editorial from H magazine.


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