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Sharon Kavjian @ IMG (NY, Paris, Milan, London)

Prada, plenty of good news. We'll get back to it later and in depth. Just would like to focus on Sharon Kavjian for a few minutes. Discovered her this Summer, photographer Jonathan Leder was so enthusiastic about the way she photographs. Presence behind sweetness and quite tough when she's not smooth. We said she was no proverbial beauty, we meant she's not the kind of girl that follows a ready-made career pattern, she's one of these incredible models who write their own story going their path. Those who can prove you wrong and will move some lines everywhere they go. Moving some lines at Prada ? Certainly. Not moving them alone but playing her part for sure. See how her look mixes into the mood, see the chameleon in motion but be aware of how her essence didn't change a little bit. And watch the process: Herve Leger then Philosophy then Christopher Kane then Prada and now a ticket to Paris. Yeah.

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