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TMSRRE part 15: Alisa
Alisa @ Ice (Milan)

There is another Alisa in Milan and you'd better not overlook this one. Alisa at Ice, cool as can be (and awesome on Matteo Montanari's shot above) and if the blond one she shares her name with walked Prada, she's got a lot to tell as well after two days of shows only. Count some of the very best on her booking-list. First one is Antonio Marras. Our favorite and, as we might have said thousand times these days, one of most interesting castings worldwide - all cities included. Extended and extremely selective (yes, it's possible!), Marras has often appeared as an outsider in Milan when it comes to models choices but if his usual tastes aren't always famous in that town, they can be visionary when Paris shows begin. Another of these shows you can use to predict who's got some chances to go further is Blugirl. The overall aesthetic is more mainstream but their choices are often very inspired. Several successful models took off from there. Next one is Albino and it just keeps the level at the same height. Fly high and don't look back, two more shows for the next few hours and the week isn't about to end.

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