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Discovery after discovery
@ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

She's the talk of the town right now and that's no big wonder. Most striking new face found by Image Discovery since Lize, Inni and Natalia. And this even if every single girl in between was worth a look. So, better keep Karina in mind, 14-years-old and on her way to 5'9 and beyond (currently she's almost 175 already). With a piercing blue gaze and a very subtle body language backed by the dance courses from her childhood, Karina mixes all the right ingredients to take a safe yet strong start. And as always when potential is so obvious, development gets only more interesting to watch.

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    She's totally AWESOME!

    Posté par luis, 20-10-09 à 12:30 PM
  • Uma

    she got a look like uma thurman

    Posté par beau visage, 29-10-09 à 01:25 AM
  • ^ yes,yes, I see that too <3
    also a bit of models Bregje Heinen and Kinga Rajzak

    Posté par maud, 29-10-09 à 12:56 PM

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