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Merel Zoet @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Development goes on, regardless of what the storm will blow away a few meters away from where you (want to) sit down. Some days (some nights as well) you should rather believe in your seat (chair, sofa and even bed) and what your eyes will tell you. Watching Merel's development is quite quiet compared to what happened or may happen for other girls who were at the same place a few years and seasons ago. Changes always take place at every single moment, everything has to move, evolve and even go through little (or bigger) revolutions. Not only in fashion but fashion and modeling went (and still go) a lot through stormy weather. No need to wait eagerly for blue sky coming out of the... blue. Watching the raindrops (and teardrops) fall make more sense today. Or shall we just turn our heads and watch somewhere else ?

The earth moved faster last night and the world stopped turning at half-past-nine for us this morning. Moving again now, slower pace. Back to the liliputian steps of development, waiting for the big leaps. Merel is in Paris (with Next) and her portfolio is naturally getting thicker and strong. Potential was totally unveiled by her recent polaroids but the way it expresses gets fully noticed only when it translates into actual pictures. How the girl will handle the styling, which part she'll play in the atmosphere that seems to surround her at first sight. Four eyes are not enough or too much already. Living in such a movie scene. But Merel doesn't care right now and that's so much better for everyone. Let's gently rock.

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