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Yellow Short Stories

Mihaela Mihnea @ Mandarina (Romania), Major (Paris)

You will often hear that love makes one blind. Can be true. Sometimes and somehow. Could be the other way round as well. Too blind to love happens too. Having a good eye is great, keeping it open is much better. Even on Saturdays as good girls don't call before knocking at your door... Well, this is in general. For Mihaela in particular, the story is already different. Signed with Major in Paris, she was exactly the second girl we've met during fashion weeks and fell under her charming and endearing personality... and attitude that quickly turns into eye-catching expressions. Captivating face capturing and commanding your attention. The 5'10"5 lovely from Mandarina has certainly more to show but this always happens step by step. Thrid time already we feature her, today in a smart yellow swimsuit.

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