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Wildfire of the Vanities

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Natalie Keyser @ Elite (NY), Storm (London)

It took her a second to become one of our all-time favorite models but building a book takes much longer. Months, seasons, years soemtimes as a career needs to be handled step by step. It takes time, good surprises, good opportunities and good-looking tearsheets to build a portfolio which really gives a true overview of the girl's potential. And once again surprises, opportunities and tearsheets came from UK Elle. Once again, we fell in love with the new issue of the magazine and couldn't not feature a bit of this month's vibe.

Natalie Keyser by Thomas Nutzl. Natalie in quite a unseen way, showing a barely explored side of her potential. Something you didn't expect of her first but which seems pretty natural once you have the story in front of your eyes. More classic yet not polished for one cent, still using her flame-red hair and striking cheekbones as her best weapons. Seeing Natalie is always a pleasure, having her giving the best of herself for an editorial is even a bigger moment. Styled by Anne-Marie Curtis (perfect again), Bonfire of the Vanities gives her a unique opportunity to shine. Playing with fire and ice, distant attitude and warm hair color, blue shades and red-hot poses/expressions. Pure performance that reminds us what modeling is all about. Trends can burn, happy smoke.

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