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Three of Nine


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Sofia Luna, Camille and Carolin @ Nine Daughters and a Stereo (Germany)

Amica remains the ultimate avant-garde source for new faces among international magazines and after featuring the girls from Silent in their previous Casting series, they focused on the concept agency from Cologne for this new issue. Nine Daughters and a Stereo or how a clear (and clean) image can work out your models presentation and promotion. Snapshots in white outfits on a white background tunes their website where you'll find a very intriguing palette of high level boys and girls. Including Carolin, featured on our page a few months ago and in the story above. Another one we noticed earlier was also casted (and obviously not without good reasons): Camille and, last but not least, a very good surprise called Sofia Luna completes the team. The 5'10 (178) redhead with delicate freckles caught our eyes on the first page of the editorial and the love grew again when we saw the close-up shot. Perfect in black and white (shot by the one and only Massimo Pamparana), she's also gorgeous in colors and we warmly invite you to have another look at Nine Daughters website. If it's not already done.


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