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Riding on Cloud Number Nine

Kristy Kaurova @ Major (NY), Major (Paris)

The nineties. The decade we lived without living them for real, just passing by and keeping a few lost memories we're not sure they're really ours. The legends and lost loves from the nineties... Jonathan Leder had the good idea again to send us his latest pieces she shot with another of our favorite girls, Kristy Kaurova who reminds him of the nineties vibes. Something we see without seeing it, depending on which nineties we're talking about. Whatever, we love that vibe regardless if it's really from some forgotten nineties or just a quick glimpse into the future.

Kristy's future started this season not only with Calvin Klein. Charming personality, classy attitude, delicate expressions and a very nice week in Paris. Major's major girl for Spring 2010. So fragile and so strong. Both. So inspiring as well and more than anything else. So chameleon too when you see what she can do in front of the camera, losing a bit of her intellectual beauty to go a little deeper into her wild side. So talented and it might bit it.

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  • I wanted to use her for a shoot this saturday, but she gets back a day later! RAH! she looks amazing!

    Posté par billy kidd, 29-10-09 à 04:05 PM
  • changed the date of my shoot, just booked her for this sunday!

    Posté par Billy Kidd, 30-10-09 à 04:50 AM
  • Cool,
    Can't wait to see the results !!

    she's such a nice person...

    Posté par maud, 04-11-09 à 11:20 PM

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