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Milena - Making our Day
  Milena Hajzler @ Eastern (Poland)

She just arrived at Eastern Models today and arrived by mail a few hours later (or not even). She made their day there and didn't take time to make ours as well. 16-years-old Milena has got this kind of face you can't forget after one second only - eye-catching then immediately haunting. Light speed appeal and limitless potential mixed to a perfect 5'10"5 (179) silhouette. Quite a raw and innocent look at first sight, with this unique bone structure we might have not seen for months and some thrilling possibilities for this prospect to develop into a great model in a near future. If there's always room for improvement at this stage of a career (first day, please!), there is also room for excitement. Right now.

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  • Fantastic!

    Posté par luis, 28-10-09 à 08:07 PM
  • the girl is absolutely stunning.
    love love love the angularity of this face.

    Posté par dbp, 15-11-09 à 12:47 PM

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