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Playing games under the pouring rain



TessaW_10 TessaW_11 
Tessa Westerhof @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Shadows and lights, sorrows and delights... the way things are going all the time. But Tessa's pictures seem to tell another story, less contrasted and showing harmony on every piece. Where the secret is ? Serene features or Yorick Nubé's inimitable way to catch that kind of vibe ? Something halfway, as always. We ended last week with Yorick's New York pictures of Jasmine and start this new one with some Dutch diamonds from his portfolio. Two worlds, two moods yet both following the same red thread, showing how an atmosphere can be worked out differently without losing its essence.

Tessa, now. Tessa number two in alphabetic order at SPS Model Management. Blonde with (greenish) blue eyes but more dreamy than classic in the end. Tessa the quiet beauty who can drop a touch of intensity in a quick glimpse at the camera. Nothing seems to go out of the beaten tracks so far, nothing new under the sun (well, easy one - it's raining). Just the peaceful feeling that everything is going the right way on a good slope this morning. Good vibrations... under the pouring rain.

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  • Lovely!

    Tessa is absolutely gorgeous!


    Posté par Couture Carrie, 16-11-09 à 07:27 PM

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