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Die gleichen Lieder


Toni Garrn @ Joy (Milan)

Same old songs ? Sometimes. Same old reactions towards Toni Garrn's editorial performances (here by Camilla Akrans for latest German Vogue) can be read all over the internet. Lack of expressions, not enough energy or whatever, there is always something to be criticized in a model's career or book and Toni's success surely brought its full batch of negative comments as well. If we often consider critics as useless or pointless - especially when it turns into repetitive negativity, those against Toni are even more and almost always... wrong, no less. Lack of expressions ? She doesn't play, she pictures or embodies. You don't like it ? Photographers, editors and designers think it's fun to work on this and every single model doesn't have the required skills to look that effortlessly statuesque. Wax-doll at first sight with charisma in disguise. Doesn't she sound brilliant suddenly ? Then, not enough energy. "There or/and/then not there" - could be something we'd like to see more often with todays models. Distance, effortless elegance with a touch of glossy grotesque. Another aspect that should be kept in mind: how many classic beauties did really hit this level over the last seasons (especially considering this look has been more and more coveted lately) ? Not many if you think twice.

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  • Toni looks great, especially on the Vogue cover. Nice work of Camilla with Toni. The German speeling for "die gleichen Lieder" is Die gleichen Lieder"

    Posté par Samira, 09-12-09 à 03:23 PM
  • Danke schön. Changed the spelling...

    Posté par Penelope, 09-12-09 à 04:04 PM

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