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Like a rose in the snow 
Ginta Lapina @ Women (NY)

It's Ginta Lapina by Greg Kadel but it's not so Ginta by not so Kadel. It's from latest issue of Numéro but doesn't look very Numéro at first sight. It's a little revolution that brought back some smiles here at the end of the day. We never expected to see this side of Ginta. Never. As expressive as she usually is (on the runway, backstage and everywhere else), she remains pretty shy-looking in a very delicate manner, never giving too much to the camera - just enough to make you feel the urge for another story. Breaking the borders of her own photographic behavoir, breaking the codes and rules of Kadel-made atmospheres, playful from head to toe and seemingly inspired by the true Ginta (reminiscent of some runway or backstage moments, growing them out of proportions). First appearances of Ms. Lapina in the magazine, last issue of Numéro of this decade and first of next one, we're just loving some colorful crossroads at quarter past nine.

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