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Meet Yuliya !

DSC_0122 DSC_0121
  Yuliya Chentsova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

We love the DIY atmosphere and the way you can feel the emergency. Winter snapshots from the heart of Ukraine, a precious princess in the middle of a random city. Image Discovery strikes again, with Yuliya, 15-years-old and already 5'9 (to be more precise she's 176 80-60-89... model-perfection anyone ?). Blue eyes in the streets to nowhere and potential that gives a few better guarantees for her future. Plus the good idea to be a the right place, at the right time. In front of the right camera. Action. That's what we want to focus on now, stay tuned. More on Yuliya ASAP, more on our new project SOON!

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  • Lovely!

    Very nice pictures, very beautiful eyes!

    Posté par Denise, 03-04-11 à 03:50 PM

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