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Soft Power

Maaike Klaasen @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Peekaboo! And here comes mighty Maaike again, with fresh materials made in London (signed with Select). We were just talking about these little reasons and small details that capture our attention in a brand new face. Maaike is maybe not the newest kid in the business but still belongs to the fresh faces in the alpha-level of their career. So what's the secret(s) behind the smooth power of a girl like her ? Well, the picture above is already giving you a hint. Expressive gaze at the camera, cuteness and fun from head to toe and a pretty smart use of her huge potential (who knows how to handle it so well so early ?).


It seems that versatility has a major role to play in the newbie's appeal. Not only versatile features per se, more the large palette of emotions. The ability to express what she needs/wants when she needs/wants. Is that the key ingredient to successful modeling nowadays, when you realise girls like Viktoriya Sasonkina or Nimue Smit caught attention more as performers than picture-perfect puppets ? There is certainly a bit of this in the recipe. And place for Maaike among our favorite rising-stars. Heartbeats, goosebumps.

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