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True (Complementary) Colors

Mihaela Mihnea @ Mandarina (Romania)

We knew she looks so good in bright yellow but it seems she works out sapphire-blue with the same power. Fit in then stand out. Mihaela could be the kind of girls that handles the (complementary) extremes like yellow and dark purple, like mellow and hard. Or is she giving her own version of the famous night/day, shadows/lights combos ? All the answers are allowed as long as they agree with George Enache pictures which caught our attention for capturing another unseen side of Mihaela.


The scenario might be the same-old one, the way they play their role differs from one scene to the other. The model, the photographer and the atmosphere created when they work together. Surely another girl would have done it another way and another photographer would have pictured Mihaela differently. But it would be totally off-topic to keep exploring these possibilities instead of focusing a little longer on why their collaboration was so interesting. For the eye who's looking for another batch of experimental pictures, taken on Mandarina's balcony. For the brain elaborating another strategy to enhance a career pattern that needs care and craft. And for the writer's hand who needs to pack the inspirations of the day into a consistent combo.

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