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Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part One






Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania)

We've been a bit slow, a bit silent these days but don't worry, it only means we are cooking something special in the shadows. The office became a bunker and we've got no more time to sleep. Back into the light, Mandarina is getting quite fast these days. Development was already one of the agency's best strength, these last weeks saw its rise to another level. Image pushed at its max (for now) and creativity enhanced by new talents from the heart of Romania. Photographer Robert Petreanu hit the target again with his latest piece featuring Anna Gorcea. Truth is the test is so huge that we can't make it in one post only. Hence the idea of a little story in two, three or four parts... no clue, yet. All we're able to say (black on white) and write (loud) is that it's time for action, now. Mandarinaction.

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  • These pics remind me of paintings by Maurice Quentin de la Tour. Maybe something to be emphasized ? Fashion photographs "à la manière de" Quentin de la Tour...

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 13-01-10 à 10:16 PM

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