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Mandarinaction: Anna Gorcea, Part Two

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Anna Gorcea @ Mandarina (Romania)

After launching the intro yesterday evening, it was time to dive into the real topic. Anna Gorcea (by Robert Petreanu). Well, you already know. What you might not, is how this potential translates once it goes closer to the camera. And how she handles sleek, quiet expressions then extreme expressions, making faces with those huge retro glasses (we said "diving into the topic" and couldn't describe it better). Ready to explore Anna's world through Robert's lens, via 10 silent movie scenes. No words, no colors. We could say the plain truth if model's truth wasn't already embodied by polaroids and digitals. Well, till they reach a certain level. That's where we're heading to. That's where she's heading to. Step by step. Tomorrow, you'll discover another of Anna's hidden side. Tune your eyes.

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