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Marike Le Roux @ Wilhelmina (NY) and Alana Zimmer @ Supreme (NY)

Wasn't planned! But we couldn't resist. First, the colorful visuals were perfect to balance and then, Rykiel's red looked awesome with our new layout. Perfect day, isn't it ? If we want to look at the new campaign through the artist's eye, we'd say the atmosphere (warm night at the end of Summer ? Twilight in September) just enhance the vivid colors again while the two faces of Sonia Rykiel Spring 2010 are a perfect match as well. Timeless features, retro vibe: both Marike and Alana suit for the theme and Horst Diekgerdes certainly knew what to do with those two delicate young ladies.

Now, we'd also like to have a closer look at Marike again. Featured her in September, saw her in Paris, understood what her potential is about. Classy and classic despite her features being far from classic. We know we use it too often already but it wouldn't be exaggerated to call it her vibe. What you see, what you feel when you see her (either in picture or in person). Not even attitude and haven't met her long enough to write about her personality. It's really nothing but the vibe. Quite hard to put words on it yet much harder to ignore.

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