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Julia Hafstrom @ IMG (NY)

Saturday, editorial day. Back to redhead love. Julia Hafstrom, unusual beauty type with a slightly classic edge. Not the tallest girl around and not the endlessly leggy kind. As unconvetional as the description sounds, it has never prevent Julia from booking first-class jobs and building a highly remarkable portfolio. Her modeling story started with Prada and she kept the level at the same height with some Vogue Italia story by Steven Meisel. Easy beginnings, magical pictures.

Latest piece to hit her roster came from Teen Vogue, February 2010 issue. Shot by Arthur Elgort in this typical mood of the magazine. Sweet, almost sugary yet spicy nonetheless. Bright colors in a cheerful urban atmosphere and Julia suddenly gets casual chic, mixing some cool teenager and distant young lady vibes. As visually different as it seems from the Vogue Paris story we featured earlier today, our conclusion remains pretty similar: good modeling has a lot to do with balance. Balancing looks and feelings expressed on a face. Fashion might be plenty of idioms but potential translates the same way regardless of the language. Balance as the new black ? Possibly. Or the new red, maybe.

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    beautiful redhead

    Posté par anonymous, 23-01-10 à 11:20 PM
  • Lovely

    So gorgeous!


    Posté par Couture Carrie, 26-01-10 à 01:48 PM

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