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Dance and Dedication


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Natasha Belobrovik @ Elite (Paris), Ford (NY) and Alice Fadeeva @ Next (Paris)

Two FDIB-favorites in one of our beloved french magazine ? This is what we got two days ago during our weekly bookshop-trip. Previous issue of Dedicate offered us an overview of some new faces in Paris (including our Polish lovelies Kinga Lukomska and Malgosia Baclawska) through the eye of photographer Alexandre Brunet. The new one keeps the same level of excitement with a very special combo: Natasha Belobrovik and Alice Fadeeva.

Both girls have been featured a few times on FDIB already, both for their editorial performances. While we loved Natasha in Flair and Teen Vogue, Alice wherever she went. This time they perform together a story shot by the one and only Sol Sanchez, inspired by ballet dance and entitled Dance me to the End of Love. Good thing is that it fits well for the editorial's atmosphere, halfway between our recurrent dreams and today's sullen sky (outside and in general). We only beg to differ on that point: it's far from being the end of love between us, the two models and Dedicate magazine.

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    Lovee Sedene Blake too much.

    Posté par thebright things, 10-11-10 à 01:58 AM

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