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And we went Bananas too (Meet Chloe)
Chloe Watson @ Profile (London)

The story started last week with a major O.M.G. in capital letters. After surviving the visual shock and recovering from our speechless moments, we started thinking of the right moment to talk about Chloe Watson, newbie at Profile Models in London. And there was no alternative than a Monday morning for an introduction, surfing on the good vibe and high energy brought by the beginning of the week. 17-years-old and 5'9"5 (177), with a natural talent to pull out poses and expressions, cuteness and humour, Chloe embodies the "editorial kind" at a rarely seen level. Just signed, just shot with photographer Grant Thomas (also have a look at his blog if you want to see Chloe playing with fancy bottles). Just made our last Thursday and ready to make your week.

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  • her eyes are smiling

    Posté par anouk, 25-01-10 à 02:57 PM
  • oh man... she's stunning.


    Posté par danno watts, 27-01-10 à 01:30 AM
  • Chloé ket in her eyes something of her childhood and know how to play with that. Lovely.

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 29-01-10 à 09:49 PM

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