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Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes 
Mia Temirova @ Elite (NY)

Mia is in town, you knew it. And Mia is working with our favorite photographers and that's a pretty good thing if you consider she's there for development. Introducing the NY chapter of her career last week (or the previous one, time goes superfast here), pushing it further today. Kristiina Wilson is peerless when it comes to put her models in weird situations in front of her camera, twisting classic beauties became her signature with that mix of quirky chic, odd sensuality and limitless humour. We loved how she literally played with the Andziute twins, pictured as russian dolls (a must for lithuanian models!) or the craziness of the Kristiina/Ilona (Struzik) combo. We also love her obsession with kittens and can actually feel it in the fierce and feline gaze Mia gave to the camera. Want some extra: check here (hair by Eve Whittington, makeup by Katie Mellinger, style by Signe Yberg).

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