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Gigi and Irena @ Wilhelmina (NY)

Bradford Gregory is one of our favorite from the new generation of photographers in NY and a regularly featured artist on FDIB. Sounds good, so far. But even the most talented people can experience some tough moments. As Bradford says himself, what happened sounds totally crazy but happened. "I was robbed at gunpoint by 3 guys" were the first words to catch our attention reading his mail and we started get quite worried. "It was insane!  Fortunately I came out unscathed" and we got slightly relieved. We know that this is not the end of the world and many people are going through much tougher times everywhere in the world, everyday. Though, FDIB is only a fashion modeling-oriented page and if we can help one of our favorite photographers, let's do so. Bradford is currently trying to get new equipement to work full-force again as he lost all his photography equipement during the robbery. Hence his idea of selling prints of his work, at pretty affordable prices. We thought the best pictures to support him today were his shots of the Kukhta sisters at Wilhelmina (the phoenix of model agencies, good sign). One picture of Irena is available to purchase as well as many others featuring newbies from New York. Check it out HERE.

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