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Avant Premiere
Yana @ Avant (Russia)

Got a meeting very soon so no time to update more yet. But please, stay tuned, our schedule today i's worth waiting a few hours. And to give you a little taste of what's coming up, here is Yana, new girl from Avant Models, Moscow. Shot by Nikita Manin and just landed in Milan yesterday. Sounds good and looks good so far. But just wait until we can upload more of her brilliant book, both classy and experimental of course. A must see for tonight.

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  • Yans !~

    the best !!!!

    Posté par DONNA_CORLEONE, 08-05-10 à 11:16 PM
  • Yana !

    superb !
    sexy babe !
    i love your photous at MADAME FIGARO !
    So sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posté par DONNA_CORLEONE, 08-05-10 à 11:18 PM

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