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Broken words can mend 
Charlene Almarvez @ Ford (NY)

We often think, even say (and write) that the word "supermodel" became slightly pointless these days. Though, we were slightly wrong. Or maybe we should take it , for what it seems to be now: a trademark of Ford's worldwide contest. Supermodel of the World. Leave the trinity and the glorious moments to the era they belong and give this word a modern meaning. Finally. If it still refers to huge exposure and high level, if the sky remains the limit, the new breed of supermodels has more to do with unique looks, fresh vibes and excitement about the future than with glamour and stardom.

Charlene comes from the latest edition of Ford's contest, made her way from Philippines winner to one of the most watched world-finalist and freshest news seem to say it's not going to end soon. Just signed and already added to the agency's beautiful Fall 2010 package (and it's from painters point of view), the 5'11 twig immediately captured attention with usual ingredients - coolness and cuteness - but added her personal touch on the mix. Presence ? Charisma ? Something like that but too precious to put words on it.

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  • goodluck!!!

    Posté par Daisy, 29-01-10 à 06:18 PM
  • Congratulations charlene! your are the best..

    Posté par liza, 29-01-10 à 06:21 PM
  • your outstanding representation for the FORD company.. Goodluck!!

    Posté par liz, 29-01-10 à 06:23 PM
  • you look so fantabolous!!! so sexy yet so thin... Go go go. God bless you, God bless Ford super model

    Posté par Aina, 30-01-10 à 01:35 AM
  • I love her. There is so much presence in her eyes.

    As much as I want Kiki Kang to have a good season, I feel that Charlene has a lot more overall potential....

    Posté par AX80, 01-02-10 à 08:34 AM
  • charlene, goodluck to ur carrier..!!

    Posté par liza, 08-02-10 à 12:34 PM

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